Pricing plans

Clear, affordable plans for every team and requirement.


Suitable for light daily personal use
An excellent writing editor
Multiple export formats support
Single image upload size limit is 2MB


For individual users with collaboration and sharing needs
Multi-device synchronization and user collaboration
Advanced article sharing and exporting
Connect to Self-hosted THORN Sync Service
16% off annual fee ($60)
THORN now has no pricing and all features are available for free.

Frequently asked questions

Can I have access to Premium plan on all devices with a single subscription?
Yes! After you subscribed to THORN Premium plan, you will be able to use the Premium version on all platforms that THRON supports.
Is there an education discount?
Yes, THORN offers a booster program for non-profit charitable organizations and educational institutions with a 50% discount.
What happens when my subscription is expired?
After the Premium Plan expires, your account will be returned to the Starter Plan. Data will not be synced between all of your devices, each device has its own separate copy of the data and you can access and modify the data on those devices at any time using THORN and when you resubscribe, the data modifications on those devices will be automatically synced.