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The Ultimate Writing App
For Memos & Articles

A lightweight, offline-first, and privacy-first writing app that helps you capture ideas, write articles and share masterpieces.
A Pure Writing Tool
with all key features.
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Offline First
No waiting for network congestions. Your data is stored locally and will be available right away at any time.
Privacy First
Your privacy is important to us. We will not sell or rent your personal info for any marketing purposes whatsoever.
Real-Time Collaboration*
THORN not only works perfectly for personal use but also for large teams and clients to collaborate effectively.
Multiple-Device Synchronization
Your data will sync between different devices that work offline to get a seamless collaboration experience in every memo and article.
Practical UI/UX
UI/UX is designed with great restraint, expecting users to have the most efficient and comfortable writing environment in THORN.
Extremely Fast
Building a faster writing app is the primary intent of our underlying architecture. We've removed most loading bars, and THORN will immediately respond to your actions.
Dark Mode
THORN equips a carefully designed dark mode with a pack of themes and interfaces that reduces eye strain in low light conditions.
Powerful Editor
THORN provides a high-performance rich text editor with a well-designed operation menu and perfect compatibility with Markdown input syntax.
Command Menu
Use '/' to open Command Menu and search in Command List, which is the most fantastic way to explore the various features of the powerful text editor.
Bi-directional links*
Try bi-directional links to link memos and articles, explore the infinite possibilities between knowledge, and build your digital knowledge palace.
Multi-Level Tags
Keep your memos and articles organized as you expect with multi-level tags.
Advanced Search
Separate search engines for tags, notes and articles, optimized for specific usage scenarios
Article Snapshot*
Generate snapshots for articles at any time, and support naming snapshots.
Share With Anyone
Create a secret link to one article, and share it with someone who doesn't have THORN. You can set collaborators for the article to allow your friends to join and collaborate.
Personal Site*
THORN offers a free site hosting plan. You can create your content in our editor and choose an elegant theme, finally converting your articles into your site with one click.
Publish on Press*
How to have your column in ten seconds? The answer is THORN Press. You can set up a subscription membership program for your column, allowing readers to pay for your remarkable insights.
Marked with an asterisk (*) means that the function is under development